Sam Mlauzi

Sam is a  U.S.P.T.A. certified tennis professional.  He began playing tennis at an early age and played all through high school and College.

He started teaching in the U.K, and moved to the US in 2006,  joining his brother Patrick  teaching at Russell Tennis Centre.  Sam said, "I love the challenge of teaching tennis, and the rewards of seeing my pupils improve and succeed . As a result, I continually seek to further my understanding of the game, and to ensure that I adopt the most up-to-date and effective methods of teaching it."


Patrick Mlauzi

Zimbaabwe Jr. and Men's Tennis Team; ranked national singles 18th and doubles 25th; played #1 singles and doubles for John Brown University and was college tennis coach. At Bolleitteri Academy he led a group of students and instructors on a weekly basis; received an excellence award for best tennis supervisor.

Patrick is a USPTA certified instructor